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Film Fighting Compilation

PeiPei Alena - Film Fighting in Cosplay

PeiPei Alena - Film Fighting in Cosplay

Compilation of some of the indie film projects I’ve done while wearing cosplay costumes… including the clip of me as a Jedi behind the scenes, working on Obi-Wan. This devil real with me to be shown, live at the anime expo . ✅ Subscribe for more FUN ENTERTAINMENT that will make you smile! SUPPORT my PASSION PROJECTS by Donating : 🔹 🔹VENMO: @PeiMe 🔹PayPal : SHOP: 🔹 🔹Https:// FOLLOW ME : 📸 🔹 👥 I think you’ll enjoy watching these!: 🎬 ACTION COMEDY 🎭 ❤️ 🎥 ORIGINALS by PeiPei Alena 🗡SWORD VIDS: #rollerskating #RollerDancing #fitness #fightdesign #actiondesign #STUNTCHOREOGRAPHY #STUNTCHOREOGRAPHER #STUNTFIGHTING #STUNTGIRLS #STUNTWOMEN #FILMSTUNT #FILMSTUNTS #STUNTFIGHTER #STUNTFIGHTERS #FEMALEFIGHTER #FEMALEMARTIALARTIST #challenge #fyp #physicalchallenge #bgirlpeppa #Peipeiyuan #peipeialena#motivation #movingmeditation #play #nevergrowup #nobullying #womenempowerment #PandemicWorkout #solodancing #martialarts blog, vlog , actress , stuntwoman, martial artist , inspire , bgirl , stuntgirlpei , bgirlpeppa , Dancer , yogi , rollergirl , rollerskater , health , fitness , workout , holistic , naturopathic , healing, relationships , inspiration , movement, yoga, natural, active, organic, keto, low carb, meditation, stunts, film fighter, fight choreography, female director, rollerskating
PeiPei Alena Yuan : Stunt  Reel (90 sec)

PeiPei Alena Yuan : Stunt Reel (90 sec)

My "Stunt / Action Reel" has been constant Work in Progress over the last 12 years, although I've been in "training" since I was 3 or so starting with Gymnastics . This reel is just a glimpse of some fun things I've had passion for : Breakin, Martial Arts, Kung Fu, Parkour, Flipping, Fight Choreo, Weapons, Wrecks, Falls, Wire Work, Cliff Diving, Dirt Biking Stunt Driving... 90 seconds couldn't do it all justice ! I spent part of my life not listening to my Parents, always choosing the more risky and scary path in Life. I've lost , sacrificed, been defeated, had set backs, & distractions,always challenged but never stopped. I put myself in uncomfortable situations to make a career out of doing what I LOVE. This 90 second Reel is just a GLIMPSE of My Life as a Movement Artist, and My Love to Inspire. Thank you to ALL the people who took part in these clips from the friends , bosses, camera people, directors, producers, performers.... Here’s a List of the Clips and links , & the People I’d like to thank involved! (Please pm me if I left anyone out!) Last but not least thank you to my Mom and Dad, My sister, Brother in Law, and Doggies. Please comment and let me know your thoughts... always open to constructive criticism as well ! P.S. unfortunately I left out Snowboarding , Skate boarding and Lindy Hop Aerials :/ but i'll make a separate reel for that some day. Stay Tuned ! Enjoy and Destroy #StuntGIrlPei #SkillsOverSkin #BgirlPeppa #AlwaysAStudentNeverAMaster With Love & Respect , PeiPei More of my work : (stunts) My Life as a Stunt Woman Professional FB page: Http:// at the end the extra footage is: A little more of Just Fab thank you Alycia Stark, Snippet Fight from "Looper pt . 2 " by Bryan Sloyer youtube: SloyerStunts Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use
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